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Coronation Community Action

King Charles III really believes in the importance of community action and to mark his coronation weekend, he has asked people to do acts of service for their communities. We, at St. Oswald’s, intend to do just that! So on the bank holiday Monday, 8 May, we will be gathering outside St. Oswald’s from 10-12Continue reading “Coronation Community Action”

Coronation Weekend Sunday Service

Come and join us during the Coronation weekend for our special Sunday service at St. Oswald’s on Sunday, 7 May at 10:30am. We have some beautiful words to both sing and pray over our newly crowned King Charles III, and will celebrate this momentous event together as a church community. As usual, Sunday School andContinue reading “Coronation Weekend Sunday Service”

Easter Sunday at St. Oswald’s Church

Hallelujah! Christ has risen from the grave! Easter Sunday, one of the most incredible days in the Christian calendar, marks the victorious resurrection of Jesus from death! He died so that we would not have to, but death could not keep, and for that we are saved! We celebrate our new life together with HolyContinue reading “Easter Sunday at St. Oswald’s Church”

Maundy Thursday Agapé Meal

Maundy Thursday is such an important time in the Christian calendar as this traditionally marks the evening in which Jesus had his last meal with his disciples. From this beautiful day, we have received the gift of communion, one of the most important meals that Christians take together to remember Jesus’ incredible sacrifice. St. Oswald’sContinue reading “Maundy Thursday Agapé Meal”